iCONICS : the bioinformatics and biostatistics core facility

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The iCONICS platform is running three types of activities: “Databases and Datawarehouse”, “Genomics/ Bioinformatics” and “Biostatistics”. The “Databases and Datawarehouse” division develops databases with secure web interfaces, supported by a shared data model that covers a variety of domains (e.g., clinics, biology, genetics, images…). Data is then cross-referenced in a datawarehouse to visualize dynamic reports. The “Genomics/Bioinformatics” division builds and runs pipelines to process and interpret a range of genetics and (epi)genomics data, from high-throughput sequencing analyses (e.g., whole- exome sequencing, RNA-seq, Methyl-seq) and array analyses (e.g. GWAS). The “Biostatistics” division provides basic support in statistical data analysis and designs advanced statistical methods to deal with the integrative analysis of high-dimensional and multimodal data. The platform provides scientists and physicians with both an analytical support (study design, data processing and interpretation) and Web- based services (e.g. transcriptomics data exploration, brain lesion characterization from neuroimaging data). iCONICS is part of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM core facility network and supported by the IHU-A-Institut du Cerveau – ICM.


• Databases and Datawarehouse:
Information system architecture for databases and associated files
Installing and modeling databases anddatawarehouse
Development of secure web interfaces anddynamic reports
Development of data treatments for data quality

Provide methodological advice and expert assistance in the design and interpretation of biomedical studies
Define, implement and make accessibleprocedures and software for processing high- throughput omics data (genetic variants, gene expression, methylation profile, chromatin accessibility)
Elaborate and apply statistical methodologies(especially integrative strategies for multimodal data analysis)


• Databases and Datawarehouse:
Institut du Cerveau – ICM IT infrastructure with NAS and SAN storage
Oracle and Informatica Powercenter software
Tableau software, desktop and server

• Bioinformatics/Biostatistics:
600-core computing cluster (Institut du Cerveau – ICM IT department)
BladeSystem to host application servers for bioinformatics solutions


Stanley Durrleman — Scientific manager
Lars JORGENSEN — Operational manager
Laure Seux — Databases and Datawarehouse
Christiane Metzinger – Data manager INSIGHT
Justine Guégan — Genomics/transcriptomics
Damien Ulveling — Genomics/epigenomics
Thomas Gareau — Software development
François-Xavier Lejeune – Biostatistics
Vincent Perlbarg — Neuroimaging/data integration
Arthur Tenenhaus — Data integration