HISTOMICS : histology core facility

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Histomics is a technical support center open to researchers of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM and to academic/industrial partners. It is accessible on a space-rent or service basis and uses standardized protocols and up-to-date equipment for the processing of histological (animal and human) material. The staff is able to offer technical and scientific services, to train users to histological techniques and also to perform work for specific projects. Histomics is part of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM core facility network (genotyping-sequencing, vectorology, cellular exploration…) which facilitates translational research projects.


• Space rent: set of equipment and reagents are available to autonomous users
• Training: in various histology technics (cutting, staining, immuno or histochemistry…)
• Technical advice, assistance to the development of new protocols
• Histology services: embedding, cutting, histochemical or immunohistochemical staining, results analysis


240 sqm laboratory for the manipulation of animal tissue (rat, mice, zebra-fish, primates, etc.) and human post-mortem tissues.
• Cutting equipment :
8 cryostats
4 sliding freezing microtomes
3 paraffin microtomes
4 vibratomes
1 laser capture micro-dissector

• Equipment for standard histology
11 lab benches (with access to: plastic consumables & reagents for immunohistochemistry, numerous dyes, decloacking chamber, ovens, microwave, water bath …)
1 RNAse-free lab bench (In situ Hybridization, LMD staining)
1 Paraffin embedding processor
5 fume hood (toxic reagents)

• Tissue clearing equipment
Clarity setup
Disco setup

• Microscopy/Digital Acquisitions
Binocular loupe (Fluorescence & bright field) with camera for digital acquisitions Microscope (Bright field) with camera for digital acquisitions
Microscope (Fluorescence & bright field) with double head, external monitor and camera for digital acquisitions
2 slide scanners (6 to 100 slides/tray; Fluorescence & bright field)


Benoit Delatour —Scientific manager
Annick Prigent —Operational manager
Nicolas Raymond —Assistant engineer
Célia Sayetta —Assistant engineer
Dominique Tandé —Assistant engineer