Project manager (M/F)

Poste à pourvoir : Dès que possible
Type de contrat : Contrat à durée déterminée 18 mois
Domaine d'activité : Equipes scientifiques
Type d'annonce : ICM



Project description

One of the major goals of the Paris Brain Institute over the next 10 years is to identify the expression patterns and basic functions of human protein coding genes in human brain development, homeostasis, and disease. This large-scale, multi-year project seeks to provide proof of concept for the creation of a technological pipeline to achieve our goal. To this end the project will first combine human brain samples, 2D and 3D human stem cell derived brain tissue, cutting edge spatial transcriptomics and single cell multiomics to create an a 4-dimensional atlas of human protein coding gene expression. In parallel, the project seeks to establish proof of concept for functional analysis of hundreds of genetic variants using advanced genome editing technology to create a open platform dedicated to the standardized phenotyping of any genetic variant of interest in human models of the brain. This platform will be a major reference center in France, Europe and the world for such analyses and will greatly accelerate our understating of how, when, and why specific genetic variations give rise to specific neurological disorders.



Profile of the Project Coordinator


  • Hold responsibility for overall project management in coordination with the project leader.
  • Define and collect all brain samples from repositories to perform large-scale spatial transcriptomic with cellular resolution.
  • Coordinate spatial transcriptomics experiments with the Histology and sequencing core facilities.
  • Coordinate stem cell culture, genome editing and phenotyping experiments with the iPS and imaging core facilities.
  • Coordinate data treatment and analysis with the Data Analysis Core.
  • Oversee personnel recruitment, ensure project progress and prepare the necessary scientific and budgetary reporting in coordination with central administration.







Education and training

  • PhD in molecular and cellular neuroscience.
  • At least 3 years of postdoctoral experience in academia or industry.
  • Project management experience is a very strong plus.



  • Strong and diverse communication skills to interact with PIs, core facility personnel, administrative personnel and other personnel dedicated to the HFGP@ICM
  • Advanced knowledge in developmental biology and brain anatomy
  • Advanced knowledge in stem cell derived neural cell cultures (both 2D and 3D)
  • Experience with single cell omics
  • Understanding of the principles of spatial transcriptomics
  • Fluency in English and French


CV to be sent to: indicating « Project manager (M/F)»