PHENO-ZFish : zebrafish experimentation service

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PHENO-Zfish is dedicated to pre-clinical research on zebrafish, open to academic and industrials. With more than 20,000 adult fishes capacity and high quality equipment for both housing and research activity, this platform in the heart of Paris offers to its users the best working conditions to ensure quality science, by providing : 4 injectors for transgenesis, 2 behavioral setups (a Zebrabox-ViewPoint for larval stage and a Swim Tunnel-LoligoSystem for adult zebrafish), a CRISPR/Cas9 full package service and highly skilled staff for support and training. PHENO-ZFish is part of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM core facility network (vectorology, genotyping sequencing, cell culture, electrophysiology…) which facilitates translational research projects.


  • Transgenesis-Mutagenesis: CRISPR/Cas9/Tol2/Talen
  • Zebrafish Behavior from larvae to adult
  • Drug screening
  • Immunohistochemestry
  • Genotyping-Sequencing
  • Consulting


  • Quarantine: 100 tanks
  • Main Housing area: 900 tanks (about 20,000 adults)
  • Automated feeding (robot and automated facility tools)
  • iSpawn: High-throughput crossing for high scale eggs production
  • 4 injectors optimized for mutagenesis, transgenesis and genetic knock down
  • Zebrabox-ViewPoint for larvae stage
  • Swimm Tunnel-LoligoSystem for adult zebrafish
  • More than 500 transgenic lines

ANIMAL CARE (Ethical respect of 3R rules)

  • 2 highly skilled animal caretakers full time
  • 1 medical transversal team support
  • Breeding
  • Tissue harvest-genotyping
  • Daily artemia and rotifer production
  • Quaterly Health follow up program
  • Social enrichment
  • Rehoming



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