International Relations

ICM is part of a national, European and international network.
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Institut du Cerveau – ICM is part of a national, European and international network, bringing together the major research centers in order to meet the scientific research missions.

  • Over 300 relations (research collaborations and education exchanges )
  • The Institut du Cerveau – ICM ranks 2nd at the international level in the Neurology field (Top1%citations) out of 35 top-level Neuroscience institutes (Inserm/Thomson Reuters)
  • recruitment of 10 new team leaders through international calls
  • 3 International workshops during the year



Sorbonne Université through the IHU-A-Institut du Cerveau – ICM. The Institut du Cerveau – ICM is part of Neuropôle et the École des Neurosciences de Paris (ENP), in network with the other major Parisian research centers: Ecole Normale Supérieure, Institute of Vision, MIRCen, Neurospin, Pasteur Institute, CDI Paris, Délégation régionale Bordeaux, neurophysiology Caen, neuroimaging Grenoble, engineering sciences, neurobiology Lille, neuropathology, Lyon, neurophysiology, neuroimaging, Marseille, neurophysiology, neuroimaging, Montpellier, neurogenetics, neurobiology, Strasbourg, neurobiology, neurogenetics, Toulouse, genetics, neuroimaging.



The main partners are the Institute of Neurology (UCL, London, United Kingdom), the German Center of Neurodegenerative diseases-DZNE (Helmholtz, Germany), CarloBesta in Italy, KU Leuven in Belgium.



The main partners are the Sandler Neuroscience Center (UCSF, San Francisco, USA), the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada) or the Florey Institute (Melbourne, Australia).


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