iGenSeq : genotyping and sequencing core facility

Open / close summary

iGenSeq provides tools and services for genome analysis to academics or industrials. More specifically, services include high-throuput sequencing, real-time PCR and animals genotyping, as well as purification and analysis of nucleic acids. Each project submitted to the core facility is discussed with the investigator to optimize the design and the feasibility. This platform masters the techniques of highthroughput sequencing and can also provide medium-throughput new generation sequencing and associated biostatistics services. iGenSeq is part of the Institut du Cerveau – ICM core facility network (vectorology, histology, microscopy, cellular culture…) which facilitates translational research projects.


• High-Throughput using Illumina system including Exome, RNAseq (including single cell, mRNAseq, total RNAseq, 3’RNAseq), MethylSeq (Capture or whole genome bisulfite), miRNAseq, Genome, chlPseq and custom capture panel.
• Real-time PCR: SybrGreen or probespecific technology, RNA quantification, Droplet Digital PCR, HRM
• Sequencing: medium-throughput using Miseq Illumina systems including amplicon sequencing,  long-range, ultra-deep sequencing applications and Capture (DNA and RNA)
• Genotyping: animals (tissue)
• PCR products purification and analysis: PCR or sequence purification and quantitative analysis of DNA or RNA


• 3 Real-time PCR (1×96 wells, 384 wells, 1536 wells)
• 11 PCR apparatus (Applied Biosystem, MJ Research, Eppendorf)
• 1 Miseq Illumina system
• 1 Bravo pipetting system
• 1 plateLoc system
• 2 Labchip GX
• 2 NextSeq Illumina System
• 1 Novaseq6000 Illumina System
• 1 TapeStation Agilent System
• 1 Bioruptor Diagenode System


Stephanie Baulac (Scientific coordinator)
Yannick Marie (Operational coordinator)
Jérôme Garrigue (Animal genotyping)
Bruno Choisi (Animal Genotyping)
Delphine Bouteiller (Real-time PCR and ISO9001)
Emeline Mundwiller (Sequencing)
Claire Sophie Davoine (Sequencing )
Agnès Rastetter (Sequencing)


The activities of iGenSeq platform have been certified since 2015 regarding the ISO9001 standard (out of equipments provision activity, and animal’s DNA & RNA genotyping), allowing to guarantee the traceability, the reliability and the rigour of the implemented procedures.