Clinical Education programs

Open / close summary

The Move: 1st international battle

  • who: dedicated to graduating medical students (third year residents)
  • what: Simulation-based medical education program using role-play. Managed by Emmanuel Roze
  • where: at Institut du Cerveau – ICM
  • when: training all over the year with an international battle organized once a year
  • international range/future perspectives: International development


Clinical exchange

  • who: dedicated to residents or young neurologists assistant professors
  • what: short observation internship done overseas for up to 4 candidates/year. reports and insights on other ways to perform medicine
  • where: Yale, Columbia
  • when: open call proposed all over the year
  • international range: we welcome and send students abroad


Paramedical training

  • who: dedicated to paramedical staff
  • what: A partnership with the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health to provide complete training for paramedical staff on research project engineering.
    Ex: Senior nurse performs a PhD, Days of Medical Education Post University Neurology (JEPPUN) 1 day/year
  • where: Institut du Cerveau – ICM


For any questions, please contact the Scientific and Medical Affairs Office.