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Stem cells core facility


Scientific manager: BOHL Delphine (PhD, CR1, INSERM)

Operational manager: Stéphanie BIGOU (Engineer)


To model in a culture dish degenerative disorders of the brain and the spinal cord, CELIS-iPS produces Human induced-pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. This aim is to better investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying these disorders and to develop a screening approach for drugs of therapeutical interest. The specific goals of the platform are three-fold:

  • 1 – To generate and characterize iPS cells through genetic reprogramming of skin cells from patients and healthy volunteers
  • 2 – To correct or introduce mutations of interest using appropriate genetic tools
  • 3 – To create a repository of disease-specific iPS cells.

The IHU-A-Institut du Cerveau – ICM supports this activity.