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DNA & cell bank


Scientific manager: Alexis BRICE (MD, PU-PH, Sorbonne Université, AP-HP)

Operational manager: Sylvie FORLANI (Engineer)


Biological samples from blood, biopsies or surgery are a highly precious source of information for research on diseases. Founded in 1990, and with NF S96-900 certification since 2009, the Institut du Cerveau – ICM DNA and Cell Bank manages an extensive collection of biological resources for medical research projects primarily pertaining to neurological and psychiatric diseases.
Its mission is to manage samples and associated data, meaning to collect them, record, process, store and make them available to scientific community.
Total of 55 000 registered subjects, including 10 500 spinocerebellar degenerations, 6560 Parkinson’s disease, 5950 Frontotemporal dementia or 8650 psychiatric disorders.