Anti-freezing device

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Story of the project

Bernard Gazu – bearer of the idea

Mr. Gazu had the idea to tinker with a small tool to help people subject to freezing. In Parkinson’s disease, it is a symptom that prevents it from initiating walking. Nevertheless, when there is an obstacle, people with Parkinson’s disease have no problem starting a walking cycle. Mr. Gazu, then has the idea of ​​a rectilinear laser placed on a rod, which draws a line on the ground, thus simulating the obstacle that can trigger the march.



An expert in neuroscience:

A neuroscience expert: An expert in this disease, at the Institut du Cerveau – ICM, explains this mechanism: according to the presence or not of an obstacle or not in front of us, different parts of the brain are solicited. In the event of an obstacle, an area not affected by the disease is requested.

A doctor:

A doctor specializing in the disease confirms that this symptom is very common.

An engineer:

The device invented could thus improve the daily life of a large number of patients. The goal was to create an object that could easily be used and accepted by everyone.

A health care assistance:

During tests of usability of the device with a caregiver, it expresses a problem of social link in Parkinson’s disease. Indeed, the various symptoms of the disease often cause patients to isolate themselves. This is despite the fact that relatives are quite willing to help patients.


An innovator:

The caregiver and the patient make the device together through a tutorial and the purchase of spare parts. The price is lower compared to the market price and this allows to create social link.





France Parkinson is a partner of the livinglab cLLAPS on this project.



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Please find below all files to 3D print the shape of the device :