Postdoctoral Researcher in cognitive neurosciences (M/F)

Positions to be filled : As soon as possible
Type of job : Fixed term contract
Type of activity : Scientific teams
Ad type : ICM

Project summary.

Our aim is to investigate the spatiotemporal dynamics of word and number perception in both visual and auditory modalities. We will focus on brain specialization and the interplay between “bottomup” visual input and “top-down” influences from distant brain areas. This project utilizes a combination of magnetoencephalography (MEG) and high-resolution 7T MRI. The postdoctoral researcher will be primarily in charge of the whole MEG project, and the integration of MEG with MRI data.


Work environment.

This project is led by Professor Laurent Cohen at the ICM (Paris), in collaboration with Professor Stanislas Dehaene at the Neurospin imaging center (Saclay). The postdoctoral researcher will receive training in a wide range of cognitive neuroscience approaches, including advanced imaging techniques with both MEG and high-field 7T MRI. The researcher will interact with experienced researchers, engineers, and medical doctors in the exceptional scientific and biomedical environment of the Paris Brain Institute.



Candidates should have completed, or be close to completing, a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience or a related discipline. They must have comprehensive experience in the design and implementation of cognitive experiments and proficiency in MEG methods. Excellent programming skills and mastery of relevant statistical techniques are essential.


Details and instructions.

The position is funded by a “Big Brain Theory” grant from the Paris Brain Institute and is available for a duration of two years. For informal inquiries, please contact Laurent Cohen at
To apply, please send a CV, a statement of research interests, and the names of two referees to